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Introducing a wonderful home bread maker from Zojirushi, the BBCCX20 Supreme Bread Machine. With this machine in your kitchen, making bread at home has become so much more convenient and enjoyable. Thanks to its many features, you can take pleasure in freshly baked rolls or bread anytime you desire, even setting the machine to automatically bake for you while you are resting at night, so that you can get up to the superb smell of new bread when you get up in the morning.

The BBCCX20 has a set of automatic control settings which are easy to comprehend and use. You get a host of baking options, allowing to easily and quickly bake great tasting breads.

When you buy this bread making machine, you have all that you must have to produce your bread. All of the the cooking equipments for using with this machine are already included, from the here kneading paddles to the non-stick bread pan. Simply bring together all the ingredients and put them in the maker, then set the appropriate settings. The machine will then operate without supervision, from kneading to rising to baking the bread. When the entire process is finished, you will have your perfectly baked bread ready to enjoy.

You'll be astonished with the quality of the bread produced by this small machine. Eventhough it is far from the big machine in a proper bakery kitchen, still it is able to produce great breads consistently. You can even set the quality of the crust to your liking, whether light crust, medium or dark.

Those who have not attempted the process of bread making will find this machine a life saver. It takes all of the guess work out of the rising process and kneads the dough to perfection. No tired arms for you. This machine even brings all of the ingredients to room temperature to produce a better bread. And no worries if you are in a hurry. This machine can crank out the bread in two hours flat.

The machine also includes a full recipe handbook. With this handbook you can obtain fantastic cooking ideas which you may want to try with the BBCCX20. You can also set this machine to work while you are sleeping at night or going to work in the day. There is the 13 hour programmable timer which lets the machine to work without supervision, so you can wake up or come home to the smell of newly baked bread.

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